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Downriggers are a valuable tool to use inshore and offshore when fishing. Downriggers are used for trolling baits down in the water column just like you would troll baits along the water’s surface. In case you didn’t
know already, waters in the ocean are layered in different temperatures.It may be 80 degrees on the surface, 70 degrees a few yards down, and 60 degrees on the bottom.

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Choosing Downriggers

Choosing the correct Downrigger for your boat and for your fishing experience is like deciding what to put on your pizza. It could be mind boggling and confusing, the first time. But once you know all the working parts of the rig as well as your fishing goals, and your boat, then choosing a rig is a piece of cake.
I am going to start with one of the most important factors;

Top Ten Tips For The Perfect Catch

Top Ten Tips For The Perfect Catch

Fishing is one of the most popular sports in the world. Every weekend, millions of people across the globe go out to rivers, streams, and lakes to land huge catches. However, many fishermen fish for years and catch nothing but smaller fish. In the following paragraphs, you will see ten great tips to help you land the perfect catch every fishing trip you take.

1. Make sure that you use the right size bait and hook for the fish you are aiming for. Big bass require big hooks; smaller trout require smaller hooks. Pay attention to the bobber, too- the size of the bobber is very important.

A Crash Course On Downriggers Pedestals

Cannon  Swivel Base Downrigger Pedestal
Cannon Swivel Base Downrigger Pedestal

Downriggers are known to be a valuable tool for both offshore and inshore when fishing. Downriggers and its accessories, like the downrigger pedestals are not the cheapest investments you will make, but has proven to be very useful especially for people who have a passion in fishing. Typically, a downrigger pedestal is made of a heavy-duty aluminum construction that usually features a anodized finish to effectively protect the material from corrosion in both saltwater and freshwater environment. The pedestals are used to add more height to a fishing gear, and usually come in two sizes: a 6-inch pedestal and a 4-inch pedestal.

Cannon offers two types of downrigger pedestals, the fixed base and the swivel base. The former is designed to be installed as a surface or track mount that allows the user a variety of mounting positions and can be easily removed when needed. The surface thickness of this mount is ¾-inch aluminum top plate that is tapped and pre-drilled for easy mounting of the downrigger. This brand of mount is easily compatible to any track systems such as Bert’s and Traxtech.

As its name suggests, the swivel base downrigger pedestal is designed to allow 360 degrees rotation.  It has locking points that are every spaced every 22.5 degrees. Like all other mounts, this type of downrigger is tapped and pre-drilled with smooth action swivel base.

With is rotating feature, you can enjoy optimal positioning. To be able to rotate the mount, you simply have to unfasten the lock by pulling down the lock handle and turn the plate to the angle you want while releasing the spring loaded lock pin to bolt it into position.

The Cannon swivel base also features a rather unique break away system that allows its top plate to revolve even in a locked position. This feature effectively prevents damaging the boat and downrigger should the downrigger ball or boom strike a certain object. Should this happen, the mounting plate immediately turns to give way to the unexpected weight to effectively prevent any damage to surfaces.

If you want to resent the swivel base, it is important to note that that downrigger weight should first be properly stowed before attempting to rest the pedestal mount. To reset, you simply have to locate the 3/8 inches bolt found at the bottom of the top plate. The pedestal should be in a locked position and gently loosen the bolts, rotate the mounting plate back to the position you want and tighten back the bolts to lock it in place.